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Tell Mom you love her with an edible bouquet

If you call for your order we will ask which day you prefer and let you know if that day is still available for delivery

DELIVERIES WILL BE BETWEEN MAY 11th AND MAY 14th (May 14th if you can select May 14th when you choose the bouquet then it is still available to order)
Best to call 705 593 2564

All deliveries will be contactless till further notice.

Instructions on Pick Up Orders

Once you have placed your order and made arrangements for a pick up day/time theses are the steps to follow

1- Call us 10 minutes prior to arrival 

2- 5 Minutes after you confirmed arrival we will then bag your order and place in our pick up box up front at 4597 Desamarais Rd Val Therese    

3.  Please Ring our door bell Just above the pick up box stating your name (no need to wait for our reply to take your order)

4. Open box make sure your name or name of person is on the bag

                                                   Thank You For Your Order!


Delivery Policy

If this is a delivery we will contact the recipient night before delivery to confirm a delivery time for them or a suitable time for them
(if you did not provide the telephone number for recipient we will try and contact the telephone number you did provide on the billing order. and make arrangements)

Thank you and have a Fruitastic Day!

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