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Thanksgiving Bouquet

Thanksgiving Bouquet


MMMMMmmmm the smell and taste of this bouquet for family during the thanksgiving holiday! What do you mean the smell

It is from the White Chocolate Dipped Granny Smith Apple wedges sprinkled with Cinamon

This bouquet if filled with


Lots of Chocolate Dipped Strawberries/Drizzled with Orange Chocolate

Chocolate Strawberry with Fall Leaves

Chocolate Strawberry Chocolate Turkey

Regular Bright Red Strawberries

Juicy Orange Wedges



Crisp Watermelon

Mini Pineapple Daisies

Granny Smith Apple Wedges Dipped in White Chocolate and Sprinkled with Cinamon

Our Signature Apple

All in a tin container with the message "Gather Together and be Thankful"

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