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Fruitastoc Bouquets Located in the Valley Serving Sudbury/surrounding areas

705 593 2564

 FREE DELIVERY!  with our Special Holiday Box Subscription 

(Sudbury/surrounding areas)
Get the Bouquet for every holiday

4X per year you can have delivered to someone special during these holidays

Xmas theme Fruit Bouquet

Valentine theme Fruit Bouquet

Mother's Day/Fathers's Day theme Fruit Bouquet

Birthday theme Bouquet

 bouquets total of $660 (NOT INCLUDING TAXES) and receive free delivery for each bouquet. Your bouquets will be fill all around with fresh fruits and chocolate-covered strawberries, and arranged in a beautiful and appropriate theme vase. Give us a call with promo code and receive a savings of $380.00 ( delivery charges )   

Promo Code   MONTHLY


Don't forget someone's special day ever again

We have you covered for the year!

Every month have a bouquet sent to someone special!

 Birthday Bouquet for a friend, Valentine Bouquet for your sweetheart, Mother's Day Bouquet for a loving mother, Father's Day Bouquet for your hero,   Get Well Bouquet for a sibling, Sympathy Bouquet to share someone's  life, Christmas Bouquet to spread the cheer, Easter Bouquet for a family dinner, Thank You Bouquet is perfect to thank someone, New Baby Bouquet for the little one entering the world, Wedding Anniversary Bouquet to celebrate someone's love and more....

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