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Scented Candles

Scented Candles

PriceFrom C$13.00

You still would like the special person you thought of to remember you or your loved one after they have eaten your mouth watering fruit bouquet for the next few years.

Add to your order  a scented candle as a reminder of the Bouquet you sent them

Our candles are hand poured into a white metal container with white lid.

100% Soy Wax.  The burning time 50+hrs  

We also offer a variety of scents and choice of wick

We do suggest not to burn your candle more than 4hrs

When reusing trim the wick to 1/4"" 

Never leave any burning candle unattended


Fall Whispering Leaves

Summer Sunshine

Winter Diamonds

Spring Waterfalls

My Sweet Valentine

Birthday Explosion


Chritmas in the Kitchen


Type of Wicks

Traditional Wick


New! Crackling Wick (you can hear a crackling sound as the wick is burning)


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